Posers Unite!

Posers Unite (was a label) is a collective based on bringing you the most lame music ever made by man! Started by Jimmy Scrivets as a punk label,
now posers unite brings you a wide varity of sounds, from hypnogogic pop to THE NOISE.

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Alkaline: An instrumental semi-math punk solo project by Cass Sylvania with hints of noise and indie rock. With a mish mashy catalog of anger driven emotional
songs and powerful upbeat punk songs, the style of Alkaline changes frequently whilst staying (mostly) true to its roots.

Mr.Shrimp: Mr.Shrimp is a rocken roller straight form Arizona! He's known for his signiture "deodorant pop" sound. He makes music under the name Kidney Stones,
and is in the band Anus! He also uploads music from his catholic neighbor fertrude, all on his bandcamp!

Jimmy Scrivets: Jimmy Scrivets is the creator of Posers Unite, known for making many types of music under many names.
Jimmy has made music under the names: Money Splits, Fip, Video Meat and a lot more.
Most recently he's made punk music under the name Bad Value and hypnogogic pop under the name Plymouth Lazer.

Zidney Parade: Zidney Parade is the remains of a melted computer found in the Irish forrest. From lofi synthpop, to overblown noise,
check out Zidney Parade if you want to be melted.